If You Love Football And Need A Holiday – Why Wouldn’t You Blend The Two Together


There are plenty of holiday packages specially designed for football fans. England has travel agents that can organise for accommodation, and any other entertainment you might want while you wait for the big match.

If you are the type of a fan that is just interested in big matches such as Arsenal and Chelsea or Man United vs. Liverpool, then why not hook up with a company that specifically offers sports travel to help you buy your ticket and prepare you for the big match. It can take all the hassle out of it.

Thomas Cook Sport is one of those options. Other than just organising the tickets, they also organise football trips to various matches and different parts of the world too – mostly covering just the biggest teams though.

thomas cook sport

You can of course also arrange all the travel yourself, and lots of us do (it gets easier the more you do it). If you’re travelling to games with a bunch of mates, you can share out the jobs. So long as your mates are any good at booking stuff and being at least slightly organised. Or you may find it easier to simply do it all yourself 🙂

It’s possible to book for a game that is scheduled up to three months ahead. And it’s definitely advisable that you do, especially when the game is a derby. Such games are normally explosive and have a lot of security concerns. Thus, reservations must be made earlier to enable the security team to organise all the security checks etc.

If you need public transport to commute between different cities, you may be forced to pay more if you book spontaneously at the station. If you are travelling alone, it is recommended that you travel during off-peak hours because it is cheaper and you may only have to pay 50% of the normal cost.

love soccerThis applies to UK games too of course, for example travel from Birmingham to Nottingham and the cost of a ticket during the off-peak period is about £15, but you will pay at least £25 if you choose to travel during peak hours.

If you are anywhere in Europe it will be cheaper and safer to book a flight than to travel by car if you can. Taking a flight is convenient because it is easier to book online, and the prices charged are always kept low (as long as you book early) because of the fierce competition among airlines.

You may also opt to rent your own car. There are plenty of companies offering car rental services. All you need to do is to get one online and reserve the car of your choice. Driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road can be a nightmare though, particularly over long distances. But if you decide to do it anyway, take some form of satnav with you to help you navigate around – and make sure the maps are up to date before you leave. If you don’t have your own device, you can rent one from most car hire places – but it’s an expensive option these days (it would cost less to buy a cheap device new than to rent for a week or two). You can also find more football travel tips here.

But once you’ve either let someone else arrange all the travel and tickets for you, or done all the work yourself, at least then you can just sit back, enjoy your stay and watch your favourite team play. If you put a few quid on the result of the game, I find it adds a little extra fun to the proceedings too (not sure how? check out my easy guide to football betting here).

Soccer Training Holidays

Taking a holiday and watching a match isn’t the only way to get some more live soccer into your life. Lots of companies and organisations run football training holidays too. Many of them are aimed at kids, but there are some for us older kids too. Although it is pretty good childcare dropping your kids off at soccer camp – it leaves you free to do the ‘boring’ stuff that adults like to do on holiday! 🙂

soccer presentFor many kids in the UK playing football is not only popular but important, and many parents would like to see their kids go as far as they can with it. Going pro is a tough path, but Beckham didn’t get that good by just kicking a ball around once a week with a few friends, and you don’t have to play in the premiership to make a living at being a footballer.

Although kids can practice on their own, at school, or even in the backyard, if they have potential, parents tend to want to do something extra. There are many soccer camps that you can send your children to that will be in the UK, but there are also camps that you can send them to overseas that might be more advantageous, helping them become the best soccer player they can be. So finding either domestic or overseas soccer training holidays for your kids can definitely help take them to the next level.

UK Soccer Training Camps

The easiest way to find soccer training camps that your kids can attend during the holidays is to go online and look for soccer training events that are coming up in the near future. You will want to look for the ones which come with the highest recommendations. If you spend about 30 minutes on the web, you should be able to find several of them, like this for example, that have openings coming up during the next holiday. By looking at the online reviews about the different UK based soccer camps, you can choose the one that is not only one of the best, but also affordable, making it possible for you to send all of your children if you have more than one.

Overseas Soccer Training Holidays

The next place that you might want to look are soccer camps that are going to be held at overseas locations. Depending on the country that you are sending your kids to, and the reputation of those training camps, you can choose one that not only provide you with affordable flights, but affordable training as well. The time of year that you go will also have a bearing on the amount that you are going to pay. Obviously, during the Summer holidays, airfares are going to be much higher, but there is the possibility that knowing that kids will be more available during these times, discounts may be possible with some of the overseas soccer training facilities. There is also the side benefit that they get a bit of extra life experience from the travelling, seeing a different country and meeting other kids from (probably) all over the world.

It is fairly expensive whatever you do for the best training, but if you see that football is the thing your kid is showing real talent for and you would like to take them to a higher level of the game, training camps are the best way to accomplish this. Helping them get training from some of the best facilities in England, and around the world, is a decision that you most certainly will not regret regardless of whether they ever make it pro or not.